“Quote of the day”

Your tomorrow can be taken away, but not your yesterday..Make sure today turns out to be an amazing yesterday – CLF

Copyright 2014



With you I found my future
Can anything really get better
By you this love of mine is wanted
Being my princess of cause your wish is granted

No one can promise tomorrow, neither after
We have something special and the gift called laughter
You bright up the cloudiest day
So I don’t see the wrong in making you want to stay

Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde
We the freshes love tale around
In our tale tho we dont have to run and hide
With you i have found love on solid ground

Still wondering why the clouds of love stopped at nine
Cause the love you give comes from a greater divine
Not a day of sunlight will be seen the day i lose you
Dont wanna call anyone else my boo

I only have one promise to make to your heart
Without you there is no ending…there is no start
My heart promises to love your’s the best way possible
Single is not us, our two souls were meant to couple


“Quote of the day”

I think the most difficult part of life is knowing whether you going in the right direction or not.. many times we think we are but we either get hurt, dissapointed or left alone in the end..fact of the matter is that..if you can stay true to yourself and only be the person that you and only you can be then life should always be ok, cause then life is happening the way its meant to be – CLF

Copyright – 2013

“You are my everything”

Mama always said be a good boy, be strong
Never quite understood why untill you came along
Ive been bad,  ive been in between
But good ima be since i met my queen

You take me places i only dreamed about
A perfect counter, this thing we treasure
No time to fight, no time to shout
She wants him, and he want her

You are my everything, all my dreams wished upon
You speak i listen, i text you reply
We destined for forever, nothing ever left undone
We do this back to back, side by side

Sleeping at night, bodies fit so perfectly
Am i selfish to ask your hand forever?
You make love to me so gently
Every word you speak makes me think we can only get better

There is a lifetime ahead to explore each other
But yet time is not enough
To our children you will make a beautiful mother
Sweet times we will have, some of them more than tough

But give me your heart and i promise you mine
Each kiss sealing the deal over and over again
By you i promise, i will stand a lifetime
All im asking is the same